Short Term Cover For Drivers 25 And Under

Car insurance young drivers aged under 25 can be expensive in UK, but is a legal requirement necessary to protect both the teenage driver and vehicle if an accident did occur. Just because buying a new policy for young motorists cost around £1000 to £2000 more does not mean there are ways to make it cheaper. If having cheaper temporary car & insurance rates from day one is important, then it is better to let your kids drive full time once they have their driving license at 17 or older.

The no claim bonus offered by many firms starts to apply once you have a full year of driving experience with no accidents caused. To get this no claim discount up to 40%, driving carefully is very important. You should sign your young motorists in the family for the Pass Plus course immediately after they have passed the standard driving test.

This Pass Plus course is a driving lesson designed for teaching advanced driving skills to keep drivers and their vehicle safe in difficult driving conditions. The cost is around £200, but some insurers also offer you to another 10% to 20% discount off the annual policy premiums for 18 to 21 year olds.

Short Term Motor Cover For Young Drivers Age 18 For 28 Days Only

For parents trying to add their teenage boy or girl to their existing policy, there may be other subtle cost advantages and disadvantages than is immediately apparent. While these are probably the best ways to reduce premiums for young drivers aged 17 and 18, you are not likely to see any huge savings in the young car insurance quotes from any UK motor insurance companies, particularly if this is their first time driving. As long as the no claims bonus can be built up, you will pay cheaper rates for young motorist in the family next year onwards.

1 Month Cover For 18 Year Olds

Meanwhile, many parents prefer to buy short term plans for 18 year old drivers. These are one month plans, ranging from 1 to 28 days of coverage. However, if they have to drive frequently, this option will not be attractive as an annual policy will turn out to be cheaper instead.

For firms to insure a young teenage driver, the risk is greater because this age group of drivers are more likely to get into accidents or get speeding tickets. Young drivers aged 18 are more likely to drive too fast and recklessly compared to older and mature drivers.

This is especially true for teenage males, which is why, when you compare 1 day car insurance, their quotes are sometimes double compared to young female drivers.

Good grades and behaviour records in school can be presented to your motor insurer for getting a discount on the quotes for 18 year olds. This is because they are less likely to behave recklessly and drive in a dangerous manner. However, one must not get into an accident or this discount will not longer applies for his cover subsequently.

In UK, the legal age to get a driving licence is 17. However, not many teenage drivers are going to use their vehicles a lot since there is school and classes. It may be cheaper to get temporary cover for 18 years old drivers. If you think about it, say you get to drive only 30 days out of a year, why pay so much for an annual policy when you can pay just 1% for one day car insurance for 18 year olds whenever one get the chance to drive the vehicle?

1 Week Cover For Under 21

Buying temp 1 to 28 days cover is an alternative approach to a cheaper driving for teenage motorists. Instead of building up their no claim bonus, they can save more by buying coverage for 1 or 2 days whenever they need, all the way until they reach 25 years old. By then, they get to enjoy cheap and normal rates because they are no longer in the high risk driving age group.

If anybody encounter any problems getting temporary 1 day car insurance for 18 years old motorists, is he trying to insure a flashy sports car like a Maserati or Ferrari? These high-performance vehicles are too risky for most UK motor insurers to take on, especially with young drivers under 25 of age. Try a more standard sedan style vehicle such as a Honda Civic or Volkswagen Jetta. Even if anyone can find an one day car insurance quote for a Ferrari at his young age, it is going to cost a lot more.