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Welcome to the Grampian Squirrel Group website. Here you will find information about what we are doing to ensure the ongoing protection and conservation of the endangered red squirrel in the Grampian area. You can also let us know if you see any red squirrels or grey squirrels by clicking the 'Squirrel Sightings' button above and completing our online recording form. Useful information about red squirrels and practical ways of helping red squirrels in Grampian can be found by clicking the 'Fact Sheets' button at the top of this page and red squirrel related links can be found here.

Red Squirrels. Here in Grampian we have one of, if not the largest populations of red squirrels in the UK. There are strong populations on Deeside, Donside and Speyside with smaller scattered populations to be found out to the East in woodlands near Ellon and Fyvie.

Nationally the red squirrel is in strong decline and could very soon become extinct in England and Wales.

The main reason for this decline is competition caused by the introduction of the North American grey squirrel which competes more efficiently for food than our native reds.

Unfortunately, grey squirrels were introduced into Aberdeen City in the fifties and are now spreading out of the city following the course of the Dee and the Don.

Populations of grey squirrels are now to be found in Peterculter, Banchory, Tarland and Bennachie.

Grampian Squirrel Group's aim is to maintain Grampian as a core area for red squirrels in the UK. Squirrel monitoring programmes help us to collect information on the distribution of red and grey squirrels, allowing us to identify areas of importance where habitat management or grey squirrel control may be beneficial to our goal of protection and conservation of red squirrels.
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